How to build a loyal customer base

Begin on the right foot: Turn one-time customers into repeat purchases

A customer who signs up to your loyalty program spends 40% more than a first-time purchaser who doesn’t. That’s pretty staggering. By encouraging first-time customers to engage in your program from the outset, you’ll significantly impact your revenue in the long run. 

To get those first-time customers past the first stage of the loyalty lifecycle, spend time making your loyalty program easy to navigate, and clearly communicate your best offers. By transforming your program into something that’s appealing to customers, you’ll ensure that  they’re motivated to sign up and keep engaging. 

We all like a hassle-free time, so remember that 78% of shoppers will create an account if the sign-up process is easy. Keep your registration simple, clear and easy to use to welcome in as many members as possible.

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